Inspired by Iceland
Þjóðahátið Vesturlands - Festival of Nations - West Iceland

As the 13 people strong SEEDS Squad entered the Sports Hall in Akranes, which was the venue for the anual Day of Nations on the 31.10.2010, a fantastic day began!

We helped to prepare the venue by setting up tables and chairs for the participants of the event, that came to present numerous countries and cultures across the world from Nigeria to Hungary to India. Next we set up our own stand decorated with flags, banners , posters and (a lot of) food.

As every country that is present among the SEEDS volunteers prepared a little something to eat, our table was overloaded with French Quiche, Italian Biscuits, Spanish Fish, German Potatoe pancakes, English Marmite sandwiches and Latvian pastries. As this was not enough we also prepared free waffles for the visitors of the day!

As the first people found their way into the multicultural bubble, we started to invite people to try our food and introduced ourselves and our projects. Inevitably we also had to try every single dish offered and went on a long culinary journey going far beyond the capacities of an average stomach!

Meanwhile there was also a stage programme with singing and dancing performances from the different cultures present. The SEEDS Squad too contributed to the stage entertainment by performing a traditional, forceful Viking song! As the afternoon passed with talking, eating, watching and learning, we started to gradually clean up the place and let the sports hall be what it is. As a perfect round up we were invited to the swimming pool to relax and digest.

Takk fyrir, Akranes!

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