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SEEDS 42. Forestry and football in the north of Iceland

Volunteers on SEEDS 42. experienced every kind of weather in the north of Iceland on their workcamp between the 3rd and 17th August 2010.

In total, a group of 7 SEEDS volunteers, from Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, the UK and the Czech Republic helped the local community in running Icelands' largest annual young girls football festival. When football fever had left the small town in an impressive fjord, the team worked hard to plant trees in an area of outstanding beauty.

The team really came together during the first days planting trees when the weather permitted. The work was hard, but it was good to imagine a forest will soon grow in the valley. Over the weekend, the team helped out at the football festival, cleaning the venue and its toilets and helping to make sure the event ran smoothly. Although the task was not the most pleasant, the team managed to stay positive and make the most of it. The sun came out and the team was treated to a delicious meal as a thank you. The final week was divided between trying to plant the remaining trees, and visiting the wealth of museums in Siglufjörður, all of which were free entry to the team.

Support in the local community came from Sisi, and Jon, amongst others who really helped to make the stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The food provided was really great, and as a result, the team prepared some fantastic food for the two international evenings during the workcamp. The team was also treated to a fishing trip at sea, where we caught many fish, including the now rare, herring! All in all, it was a successful workcamp, with some friends for life.

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