Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 46. Between glaciers & lava!

Ten SEEDS volunteers from the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the United States came together to support the Húsafell campground.

Each of us stayed in our own little A-frame hut that was nestled among the campsites' many trees. We were surrounded by mountain ranges full of blue berries and we had a great view of nearby glaciers.

Everyday we worked in different teams on different tasks with our hosts; everybody got a chance to paint wooden bridges and houses, trim the branches of trees near the driveways, and create walking paths. Also, we gardened and picked blueberries. We spent two wonderful international dinners with our hosts, during which we introduced them to many games and traditions of our countries and listened to stories about the local area.

In our free time we went on hikes, which turned into adventurous climbing tours around the rivers and mountains. We even caught a glimpse of the breathtaking Aurora Borealis at night. Thanks to our luck with the weather, everyone took advantage of enjoying the golf course, the swimming pool, and the huge trampoline next to the swimming pool. One of the most memorable excursions was to the nearby caves that are under a 1000-year-old lava field. While visiting the caves, we learned of many local legends dating back to Viking times.

Summing up, our two weeks in Húsafell were filled with almost every natural phenomena Iceland has to offer as well as a lot of hard work and fun!

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