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SEEDS 40. Reykjavík City & SEEDS Green Days 2009
It was the first time that SEEDS organized the Green Days in Reykjavík.
The workcamp aimed to raise awareness among Icelandic people about different environmental topics. The volunteers helped to develop some activities on the streets of Reykjavík, in an eco-friendly way, promoting sustainable development and protection of environment. The workcamp was divided in two parts: during the first week, the volunteers prepared all the activities for the second week, which was the “official period” of the Green Days festival. Topic covered included: climate change, waste management, responsible consumption, energy efficiency and transportation.
11 volunteers, from Belgium, Columbia, France, Italy, South Korea and Spain participated in this workcamp, enjoying life in Reykjavík during the 2 weeks. The first week, we developed the different activities we wanted to conduct on the streets of Reykjavik. This involved thinking about the way to develop these activities, the target audience, and the materials we needed. We created many different games and awareness campaigns. This included a recycling game for the waste management activity, a campaign against plastic bag with a plastic monster, a demonstration about climate change to sensitive people face to the global warming threat …
During the second week we conducted the activities in the city. On Monday, we started with the topic waste management. A lot of people were interested by the recycling game we played and subsequently it was a great success for our first activity! On Tuesday and Wednesday, we raised awareness Icelanders about the consumption of energy and climate change. Both times it involved performing a demonstration in Laugavegur with customs and banners, and stopping vehicles to diffuse a warning message about the issues involved. We conducted an activity about responsible consumption activity on Thursday, walking on Laugavegur and Bankastraeti streets with a plastic monster and carrying out a survey about plastic bags. And for the last activity we organized a Critical Mass in downtown Reykjavik, promoting the event on the Internet. It was probably the best activity we did, and a lot of fun, especially for the volunteers!
During the free-time, the volunteers enjoyed the Culture Night in the city and the surroundings of Reykjavík. We organized a trip in the Golden Circle, and some of the volunteers took advantage of the hot blue water of the Blue Lagoon in Keflavik!
Even if it was sometimes hard to manage the volunteers in the right way, they got involved a lot in this workcamp, developing their own ideas to raise awareness Icelanders about environment!
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